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Chiharu | 16 | Malaysian. | I don't reveal my RL much,so DO NOT ASK.

I made this journal to post Nishiuchi Mariya's blog translations. they were translated by myself and please note that they aren't 100% accurate as i am an amateur. and please,do not repost elsewhere. why do you want to do so? it's not 100% accurate,anyway! also; i have another account; kokoroattack. but i rarely use that~ /shot/

others :
* you can also call me Haruru; a nickname given by Misaki (thenewsfangirl)
* favourite ST models; Nishiuchi Mariya (obviously lol), Sakata Rikako and Hirose Alice.
* a fan of Hey! Say! Jump and NEWS
* listens to YUI and S/mileage; not a big fan though.
* well,tbh i actually have no intention in friending people here but if you want to add me; just drop a comment and you'll be added right away~ :D
* i, however; do not accept any requests on translating. please let me work on my own pace! i'm still learning,so my japanese is not so good~
* have a good day!~ :3
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29 May 2014 @ 03:30 am
/wipes dusty journal

it's been ages since i last update this journal orz

i was a high school student when i had this blog, translating mariya's blog entries as though i know japanese enough to save my life (back then), and now i am a university student ?????

one thing, though, i now know japanese enough (well, still lacking in terms of kanji and readings since i never really study it formally)

i am no longer in JE fandom (too many to catch up so nope)

but yes, still admiring my baby mariya. she's doing great over the years, being ace model of ST and given the opportunity to hold main lead in dramas. and recently i watched her apperance in smapxsmap and i am just ahhhhh i miss this girl i used to flail so hard and saved every single photos she uploaded on her blog and cry over her perfection.

i am now in the animanga fandom ~ bl and shounen anime mostly. it feels so good to hiki in your room and watch the whole series in one seating. and i am now giving vocaloid a try. all thanks to utattemita singers with their amazing vocals.


time flew so fast i don't even notice. also i better hit the sack now it's 3 in the morning.

(fat chances i'm gonna update my journal ever. as i am lazy as fuck. and no one cares anyway hAHAH) 
09 January 2014 @ 04:33 pm
wow okay so i haven't been around since end of 2012

gotta say i gotta catch up w mariya
tho i'd say i am not as much into her as i used to (okay what's english)

so busy w uni these days what is fandom
Parting from the age 18 years old today..

I'm going to turn into 19 soon

This is Mariya

Looking back into this year...

Graduated from high school in March

Starting the work with Picaru no Teiri after the graduation ceremony...

Since then,i had recording for 2 days in a weekテレビ

And photoshoots with beloved Seventeen


and then
Switch Girl!! 2

It was a year in which i was allowed to chellenge myself in various things

I am still a student

In past i used to blog something like this

"As for me,i don't know whether i should go to college/university after graduating from high school and i feel worried over it recently.

If i were to go to college,surely it would help me in future.

Up until now,i didn't go to school much,and when i did i learn new things.

But because of this job,i have to move to Tokyo when i was in the 2nd year of junior high school,and i have to give my all.

Everyday i do feel troubled like there's a big wall that make me say "this is impossible after all" but so far i've determined my own path,and to choose the suitable way and while studying i'm still doing my best in work.

Then,at times the clumsy me couldn't do it well in both field (study and work).

If after graduating,i'm not going to university,

I decided to concentrate on my work now.

There will be times for me to be worried,but since i've decided to give my all even more strongly on this work despite of feeling fear at that moment...

Since this is the path i've chose,i won't regret and keep on going."

An 18-year-old who was greeted with such anxiety

I feel complete/perfect beyond what i thought,it was a year in which i feel so grateful everyday黄色い花

The age of 19 will greet me soon


Do not forget the initial resolution
Going on with ambition in future
** she wrote something(肩の力を抜いて) which i don't understand
be myself and smile (basically wrote 'mariya rashiku waratte)

So many ambitions !? lol

Well i'm the type who tends to think a lot 三 (/ ^^)/

I'm picturing how to make it great though ( ̄▽ ̄)

With that

I'm turning 19 tomorrow, please treat me niceドキドキ

*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*

if you want to read where she posted those in italics,i've translated it here
Recent street-style clothes ベル

I did casual coordination yo 音譜

T shirt with denim pants ジーンズ

MCM's knitted cap 
It's a casual coordination i haven't do after a while 

Choosing clothes for winter more and more by the streets ne カバンワンピース(idk to whom she's referring to)

For now,the fashion item i'm interested in for the winter is...

Velor リボン
Mono tone 宝石白
Knitted ラブラブ

That's is (*^.^*)   (basically she wrote 'desu')

I had GTO shooting from early in the morning for today,too カチンコ
I went to somewhere a little far 流れ星

It is steadily progressing to the 2 hour SP on October 2nd グーキラキラ

I will cherish each and every day
I'll do my best ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

By the way i have finished the shootingカチンコ

What should i have for dinner? ナイフとフォーク

What is everyone's menu for today~?割り箸ニコニコ

.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*

07 June 2012 @ 01:44 am
Yesterday's radio show was fun~ベル
Thanks for the feedback(*^.^*)ラブラブ

Such Mariya ビックリマーク (note : i really really don't know how to translate this,but i guess you know 'sonna Mariya' means right?)

Up next,today !!

drama ロケットGTOロケット

i will crank inーо(ж>▽<)クラッカー


Challenge starts in the morning.

The second half takes one whole day for the long scene
The progress is moving a little 車
(i'm wearing a jersey ドキドキlol)

I will do my best 'till the end!カチンコ

I am fired up~~!アップ


This is a good picture,right?


Today's テレビPicaru no Teiri'sテレビ broadcast ~(ノ´▽`)ノベル

Somehow i'd be **calling the special guest in the blog (mentioning)

Together  (as in get ready, 'isshou ni')


\Please watch Picaru ne~~ドキドキ/

It's Watanabe Naomi-san~(≧▽≦)アップアップ

Hmm? But when you take a closer look..?
Something ..about Naomi-san...?

I wonder if everyone know?!

Here's a question!

Q What stuck to Naomi-san? (。>0<。)はてなマーク

You might end up shockedショック!

.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*
29 May 2012 @ 03:28 pm









all the feels,please excuse me. oh hi,long time no see eh? tee hee
sorry for the sudden caps. i will be back to translating when i feel like to? sorry /bows/

Everyone,thank you for congratulating me!
I cried but now i am calmer! I'm fine!  (laughs)

Yesterday,i graduated from high school safely (´∀`) 桜


A great joy and loneliness

Three year in high school.
To me,it had become an irreplaceable time.

Like i said on (a certain) page of this month's issues...  (i assume she's talking about Seventeen)

I could not concentrate well with the environment during the first year in high school,i transferred to a new high school on the second year (^-^)/  

Works and school events,i enjoyed them deeply with my all my heartキラキラ

Until then,there's a lot of feelings.

"I'll do my best to smile on the graduation"

I remember deciding on that.


I entered the current high school, having to face problems in the new school, enjoying school events with new friends, there are things that encourages me,joyful things.

Then became a model of Seventeen, a work that put me at ease,a nice warm place to belong.

That i graduated in such wonderful high school,i feel proud.桜

During this three years,though that i was hit with various emotions,i think it's an important proof of my life.

王冠1With the principal王冠1

My job is a part of the entertainment world,but i am just like everyone too. Our goal might differ,but our way and the feelings of moving forward, i think is the same.

"In order to overcome the wall no matter how tall it is"

There is someone who told me that.
While standing together in the graduation,we all follow the same goal.

For everyone too,the day when you feel discouraged and when you can't see what lies in front,those days might come.

But the day for us to be able to smile will definitely comeキラキラ

The pain and the sorrowness,mortifying becomes the next strength and once again becomes gentle and you'll become stronger.

I did not talk in a great way,,

But in this three years,my body and my mind feels like that.

And i wouldn't come this far if it's not because of the people around me who supported me.

The teachers.

The people from the jimusho



And also,all thanks to everyone who had supported me.

Thank youドキドキ

I,as the member of society, will try do my best to look forward and not to disturb the way it is.

Don't worry.
I will try not to try my best too much! (#^.^#) [みんな:01]

Please continue supporting Nishiuchi Mariya (^O^)/ ドキドキ

↑ A bento made by mother that i always look forward to. It's always delicious \(//∇//)\ Thank you.

Well \(^o^)/

Now that i've become part of the society...

I've jobs to do right nowロケットロケット

It is something that i can't report yet ..

A new work have been decided[みんな:03][みんな:04][みんな:05]

Everyone,please wait for the report! (。>0<。) ラブラブ

Right now,my feelings are half joy and anxious,but i'll do this in my own way!(>_<)グー

That i've graduated,starting from today immediately,there will be works that require me to do until midnight, but as long as i can control myself,i will have health as the first priority! o(^▽^)o ラブラブ

This has become long... until reaching miles of it (^-^)   

Thank you for reading ニコニコドキドキ


I wish to thank everyone lots of "thank you" (´∀`) ラブラブ

Then,i'm off ラブラブ

The memorable summer uniform 学校ラブラブ
Probably it's the first time i'm showing this[みんな:02]

*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*

T/N : ohh i'm so proud of this girl ;w;
i did not expect for her to mention about ~*~transferring to new school~*~ with the reason that she can't concentrate well.. \o
i just hope the memories of her in HoriGaku won't left forgotten. And she did mention having new works,i REALLY hope it's going to be a drama!~ PLS LET HER HAVE ONE,AND THIS TIME--NOT IN SATELLITE TV.

corrections are welcomed~
Today,after a while Mariya as a student (*^.^*)学校 (note : idk how to translate this,but it's like student!Mariya. get it?)

In a uniform にひひチョキ lol


I'm off~音譜

Ah, a recent casual clothes ベル


A sleeveles jacketラブラブ
it is nomine-san'sドキドキ

.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*

T/N : sorry for not translating for such a long time~ m(__)m
11 March 2012 @ 09:44 am
Hello p(^-^)qドキドキ

Today too,the sun sank and the day ends 夜の街

Today i spend my day off for one whole day after a while,emptied my minds and open my eyes in the morning. 晴れ

It's been a year...


In this one year,a lot of people had move on with sadness,condolences and the other hand, a lot of feelings of love and bonds.

I have been told a lot about those days by the media.

One year has passed,how do everyone face it?


Things that you have experienced.
Things that you remember.

To everyone who read this blog,and many others.

I was in Tokyo,therefore the damage was not too severe.

And the primary things like tsunami.
I didn't see directly the major problems of the affected areas which still in a tough situation.

Eventhough i can cooperate,donate and save the energy ... i really want to give some force-taking action.

There is certainly a lot of people thinking like that.
Especially students.

After graduating on the 15th of this month,i will become a part of society.

As a member of the society,i'd like to shoulder some responsibility and think more of the Japan's future.

And,in this blog.
I hope it will become a strength流れ星

This is my opinion as a human ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Something that we can do.

All of us,now,live our life as one.

The reason to live...

Yep. There's also,hard times and thinking about unpleasant things and all. lol

But,no matter how hard you think,the answer won't come.

In that case,i want to live life to the fullest and enjoy it キラキラ

And i want to smile(^-^)キラキラ

To live life without regrets,every single day

That is what i think.

Thanks for today,too


↑ photos of skies that i took so far

I love sky o(^▽^)o
It seems like,sky has many expression, when i look to the sky i could feel there is an endless possibilities.

Together with the prayes offered to those who passed away because of the earthquake,i sincerely sympathy to those who are affected.

.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*