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Hello (ノ´▽`)ノリボン

I have safely arrived Japan from Hawaii, which i actually arrived yesterdayニコニコ

There is one place..にひひ

Where is it(^ε^)音譜  (in playful way - doko deshou ka)

It is within the country~ニコニコドキドキ

The hint it...

should i tell youべーっだ! lol

↑ or rather,that is the hintニコニコにひひ


.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*
I've finished works for today ~(ノ´▽`)ノ 音譜

Hot 天使

Ah! Thank you for your opinions regarding Switch Girl episode 5 ラブラブ!

It's a comedy with bits of bittersweet and sadness. It's a drama with so many feelings ne (*^^*)

There are still a lot of development!
Please watch it with doki doki feelings ドキドキラブラブ!

Then,today too, it has ended safely...虹

Mariya who went back home on train.



Ah! I wonder if the mail sent~


Picture taken by manager-san who sit next to me (ノ゚ο゚)ノ

"Isn't it somewhat refreshing for the fans to see Mariya with this appearance?"

he/she said.

Well,certainly.. (´・_・`)



Ne? Mariya looks normal right? lol

There's someone who commented and said that our existance are so far (like,unreachable)

Normally riding on train,normally walking around th streets,normally goes into convenience store (^。^)チョキ

Just like everyone~

Ah,recently it has becoming slippery(>_<)DASH!
The snow didn't melt~(´・_・`)雪の結晶
Everyone,please take care of your feet ~(/ _ ; )

Doing like this, grandmother Mariya did. (i think she referred herself as an 'obachan' lol)


It may be me who sit next to you without realising? lol

Then,we'll talk (#^.^#)

Yosh,i'd go for OFF mode and seriuosly laugh 家走る人once i'm home

Everyoneeee ~(ノ´▽`)ノ
Today,too otsukare-samaドキドキ

Do SMILE tomorrow tooアップアップ音譜


.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*
25 January 2012 @ 05:29 pm
okay this is my first time translating a lyric andddd it is actually hard to find suitable words in english since yeahh lyrics are beautiful words right? i'd appreciate it if you don't repost elsewhere.

kanji thanks to misaki // kocchimuite for typing it up; based on Myojo Feb 2012 :D

I can’t put it into wordsCollapse )
When arrived to the studio after works at location since morning,

Mariya entered the elevator...

*toko toko*走る人



"This ... is an elevator isn't it?"


The 170cm me feel like a little kid !!





let's do it!


The buttons are big too!


And,that was a big elevator of the studio音譜

So far, it was shootings for fashionsワンピース

From now on, it will be shootings for continuations of ひらめき電球18 pages!

I'll do my best~~フラッグ

By the way, Mariya.. 雪loves winterラブラブ

.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*
21 January 2012 @ 08:43 am
Following after 'senior' Kitagawa Keiko,Eikura Nana! Nishiuchi Mariya, jumping to the pledge of an  'actress'


"This time is an opportunity for me to shine, i would like to grow up with dramas and films. I want outlook the world."Collapse )

20 January 2012 @ 01:53 am
everyone \(^o^)/

hello ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ晴れ晴れ晴れ

no, today's emoji is

晴れ←not this

雪← this is the correct one

yes. it is snowing in Tokyo 雪の結晶

every year,the first snow of the year is such a waste... i want to go out

Today,i went out before the sun raises 柔道柔道

under the sky of fluffy snow, i'm doing shootings in short sleeves cheerfully スキー

next it shootings for spring-themed clothes クラッカーにひひ

ne ne! is there such things?

to miss 虹summer during 雪winter

to miss スノーボードwinter during サーフィンsummer


to be. i supposed..

i can't (>_<)あせる

i can't do it now叫び

ahh,then between summer and winter,which one do you like?かおひらめき電球

i wonder which one will have the most answers ~?音譜

Yosh! Mariya have finished halfway today, there's remaining of two! i'll do my best(>_<)☆

.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*
01 January 2012 @ 11:11 pm

Happy New Year鏡餅


Hopefully i could get 'daikichi' from the 'omikuji'(//・_・//)ドキドキ

This year too, i want to keep running 音譜for ambitions with SMILEニコニコ

This is year too,douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu リボン

I hope it will be a wonderful year for everyone and for Japan...ニコニコ

Next,everybody (ノ´▽`)ノ

This year too, this blog will continue to present Mariya's real life blog ベルof fashion and beauty, of Mariya's daily life and behind the scenes of Mariya's jobs, and also Mariya Mania's Q&A and quiz and next i want to enjoy this year with everyoneアップ

I wonder if everyone would come here and play together~?!


*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*

- -
T/N : Omikuji are fortune telling paper slips found at many shrines and temples. Randomly drawn, they contain predictions ranging from daikichi ("great good luck") to daikyo ("great bad luck").
Everyone (^O^)/

Today is 24th December.

I've turned into 18 years old 雪雪の結晶

Thank you so much for the congratulations in the comments ドキドキ

It was a year for the 17-year-old me to face up new things and take a new step in private time and works.

That's what i think.

I've started using Ameblo since September and i feel truly happy to update my blog (*^.^*)音譜

As for work,i've achieved my goal to become the cover of Seventeen by myself even just once.

The me who by nature didn't do sports and wear jersey much,i've come to realise to outbound it and learn more about fashion and beauty.

And that i went for Switch Girl audition... it felt like yesterday

This time,i worked as a protagonist, and celebrated my 18th birthday like this. Feeling all the mixed emotions while hitting at various spots.

The 18-year-old model,actress and next i wanted to challenge myself in lots of things.アップアップ

The broadcast of キラキラSwitch Girl!!キラキラ

CS Fuji TWO 22:30~

By any means,please enjoy it honestly

Because i am still shocked,i lost words~シラー

.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*

Hello 晴れ

Today too,i had shootings for Switch Girl from morning *.*
it went well 虹

It was a beautiful morning 富士山

For some reasons,i've been feeling restless since this morning かお
Why is that so....

is the last day for me as a a 17

It is precious/important

Then i think it's time to look back at this year雪の結晶

I'll continue to struggle~о(ж>▽<)y ☆

.*Keep your smile*.
・・・From *Mariya*
18 December 2011 @ 02:25 pm
Since she has twitter account,i decided to translate her tweets :D

16 Dec
Nishiuchi Mariya's official Twitter has been launched!!! Please support me

17 Dec
Hello( ´ ▽ ` )ノ This is Nishiuchi Mariya*.・ I'll start tweeting from now on〜\(//∇//)\ Please treat me nice ☆ Today too,i'll have Switch Girl's shooting right away♪ I'm moving〜(^-^)/ #スイッチガール http://t.co/mVt28jw8

18 Dec
Good morning☆ When i went out from my house,the moon is standing there beautifully*.・During winter,the sky seems so clear and beautiful ne (^^) Today,i'll do my best 〜♪ #スイッチガール http://t.co/mVt28jw8

I'm moving〜★ (maybe moving to the shooting scene or workplace in a bus/car) Today's lunch bento is fish(^-^)/ What's your lunch〜?* #スイッチガール http://t.co/mVt28jw8